What is Cyber Security?

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In present time almost all computers are connected to the internet, because of this everyone could be a victim of phishing or identity fraud. Have you ever encountered or thought about these threats? Do you know what Cyber Security is? As a result of these threats, cyber security plays a big part in modern day computing.

There are also threats against cyber security like malware, ransomware and the above-mentioned phishing.

To protect yourself from such threats it is highly recommended securing your system. Popular recommendations are enabling a Firewall, installing a good anti-virus suite and keeping your computer up to date with the latest software it supports.

Apart from personal computing a lot of important industries like Medical and Finance benefit a lot from cyber security to keep personal data secured from hackers and other people with wrong intensions. Do you want to learn more or are you looking for a professional who can support you and your company? Contact us!

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