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Society is constantly transforming. People and companies are changing. Employees and employers their needs are changing. This has led to more dynamism in the human resources department. The downside of the continues transformation of society is people and companies missing each other. Based on this observation, OCRE was brought into existence. OCRE was founded as it possesses the tools of knowledge and experience, which are important to fulfill a connecting role. OCRE successfully realizes this part by offering services related to Outsourcing, Consultancy, Recruitment, and Executive search.
OCRE can be of help when a company tries to get hold of the dynamics within human resources, to increase efficiency and effectiveness, and to expand the level of expertise and knowledge.
OCRE’s services ensure that the most suitable professional ends up in a fitting company on an appropriate project for the exactly needed period of time. Consequently, not only the client reaps the benefits, but also the professional who is being enabled to grow.
OCRE itself has grown by successfully fulfilling the role as connector between professionals and companies. Therefore, the essence of OCRE can be captured by one verb: to connect.
We think being Agile means more than being able to move quickly. We think it encompasses flexible practices than enable integration between nowadays fairly complex dependencies within Developer-Operations relations. We believe in importance of communication. If you are a professional that values best practices and appreciates communication as we do, please contact us